Truck With Weapon3.633095
The Farm House4.246575
Abscond From House3.41584
Percieve The Bequest Of Monarch4.723755
Haunted Treasure Hunt3.207545
Victim House3.333335
Submarine Alien Mystery3.75
Dwarf Rescue3.97059
The Hidden Gift3.26087
Probe Inside The Triangle4.411765
Ruins Of The Ancient Temple3.30645
Control The Ghost3.01887
Bat Castle3.91892
Ancient Temple3.866665
Find The Diamond Ring3.448275
Prison Break Out3.555555
Wooden House In Lake3.541665
Catch The Shadow4.210525
Island Escape3.295455
Escape Dead End 73.4375
Genines Gift2.905405
Vampire House4.14634
Rich Man House3.333335
Magic Lake3.913045
Extricate Santa From Krampus3.75
Escape Dead End 43.709675
Pawn Shop1.923075
Tittu And Annie 143.913045
Mission Redirected4.444445
Steal The Precious Pen4.23077
Gangster House3.541665
The Schloss Mount4.444445
Find The Exit4.0625
Alien Mystery Palace4
Old Army Base3.75
Tittu And Annie 34.333335
Discover The Data4.375
The Magical Book4.333335
Temple Of Morr 24
Mission Map4.09091
Skull City4.25
The Guardian Temple4.333335
Roller Coaster4.642855
Skull Fort4.285715
Cell Rescue From Hell3.92857
Recover The Gift4.411765
Escape Dead End 33.333335
Steal The Craft3.75
Gaurd Area5
Rescue People From Sea Rover2.875
Unchain The President Villa5
The Dusty Southern Gorge5
The Mystical Time Crystal3.75
Celebrating Christmas For Homeless4.52381
Escape With Evidence4.285715
Halloween Attire Acquisition4.09091
Tittu And Annie 44.03226
Grandpa Christmas3.548385
Sanctuary To The Creek3.61111
Lost Of Kingdom Tunnels3.75
Halloween Transforming Human4.473685
Creepy Cave5
Find The Craft3.44086
Spider Palace3.26087
Day At Dreadful House3.392855
Reble House3.846155
Tittu And Annie 163.913045
Find The Ticket2.884615
Wine Maker4.09091
Halloween Freeing The Field Guard4.5
The Historical Temple3.68421
Stealing The Golden Car4.545455
Dragula Palace4.375
These games are developed by, such as Truck With Weapon, The Farm House and Abscond From House. You can play these games for free on 4J.Com. When publishes a new game, our editors will add it to so you can play the lasted games. Enjoy!
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