Jigsaw Master3.425415
Granny Jigsaw4.00463
Microsoft Jigsaw4.268295
Nonogram Jigsaw4
Daily Jigsaw3.723405
Jigsaw Puzzles3.60465
Pixelcraft Jigsaw3.61111
Jigsaw Citytrip3.21839
Jigsaw Puzzle4.117645
Jigsaw Puzzles4
Tiger Jigsaw3.57143
Squid Jigsaw5
Dino Jigsaw3.57143
Jigsaw Puzzles4.5
Hippo Jigsaw3
Rotate Jigsaw4.09091
Boat Jigsaw3.125
Jigsaw Puzzles3.88889
Shark Jigsaw3
Jigsaw Cities2.916665
Helicopter Jigsaw3.57143
Untangle Jigsaw5
Thanksgiving Jigsaw3.333335
Christmas Jigsaw5
Fishing Jigsaw5
Stickman Jigsaw3.75
Spaceship Jigsaw4.285715
Penguins Jigsaw3.75
Easter Jigsaw5
Formula Jigsaw4.166665
Mouse Jigsaw1.875
Toddler Jigsaw5
Ghostly Jigsaw5
Jigsaw Puzzle Deluxe4.033335
American Cars Jigsaw4.08416
Among Us Jigsaw3.911565
Daytona Car Jigsaw3.044775
Among Us Jigsaw4.126985
Russian Trucks Jigsaw4.19643
Russian Cars Jigsaw3.828125
Minecraft Jigsaw Puzzles4.276315
Mining Truck Jigsaw3.175675
German Cars Jigsaw3.97059
Toy Cars Jigsaw3.88889
Pop It Jigsaw4.6875
Jungle Jigsaw Puzzle3.833335
Jigsaw Puzzle: Christmas2.56757
Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles3.139535
Porsche Html5 Jigsaw2.87879
French Cars Jigsaw4.122805
Jigsaw Puzzle Epic3.913045
Italian Cars Jigsaw4
Crazy Bikers Jigsaw3.690475
Fun Truck Jigsaw4.19355
Exotic Animals Jigsaw3.75
Christmas Jigsaw Challenge5
Jigsaw Cities 25
Jigsaw Puzzle Paris2.761195
Xmas Jigsaw Puzzle3.125
Fun Animals Jigsaw4
Planets Jigsaw Challenge4.70588
Cute Dog Jigsaw2.84091
Cute Puppies Jigsaw4.166665
Baby Bear Jigsaw3.61111
Halloween Car Jigsaw4.25
Christmas Vehicles Jigsaw3.57143
Easter Jigsaw Puzzle3.235295
Pop It Jigsaw3.88889
British Cars Jigsaw3.4375
Racing Cars Jigsaw4.479165
Fire Truck Jigsaw3.75
Jigsaw Jam Animal3.18182
Scary Faces Jigsaw3.94737
Jigsaw Jam Cars3.809525
Cute Fish Jigsaw5
Baby Doll Jigsaw4.25
Fun Halloween Jigsaw3.75
Cute Snails Jigsaw3
Tesla Trucks Jigsaw3.04348
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